Each sister brings her own unique talents, blossoming wherever they are planted. 


Katie Kozak

World traveler yogi who specialises in making people smile. 

I fell in love with yoga at the young age of twelve, it was the ideas of wellness that permeated through my being.  It's only recently, after decades of practice, I feel as though I understand what it is to embody these notions.  I owe this experiential knowledge to my teacher Paul Grilley whose dedication to acknowledging the uniqueness of every human skeleton has helped me to embrace the uniqueness of my own, transforming my practice from physical competition to an art of friendship with form. 

Kjelti Anderson 

 Knowing my intrinsic self as a wild being, I am most at ease, most sensually refined, most attuned to my own sacredness, when I am amongst the elements. 

I am a passionate and curious folk herbalist & I’ve been learning from the medicinal plants of the prairies & boreal for close to ten years. Plants have been my greatest and most patient teachers, and I love helping others develop their own connection to local, medicinal plants. 

I believe we all have the capacity to connect with wild medicines and create allies with them to facilitate our health & wellness.

Kristy Janvier

Dancing across Turtle Island inspired by galactical beings and stars. 

After performing overseas for nearly 16 years, I returned to my hometown of Flin Flon. Searching for other forms of movement I came to my yoga practice in 2007 and am inspired by somatic movement, contact improvisation, Gaga, and Expressive Arts Therapy to create beautiful dances.





Thrive instead of survive

Connect instead of dissociate

Expand, instead of  contract

This kind of work  can access ancestral patterns, societal and cultural influences and subconscious behaviors that are held inwards and sometimes we want to tuck those away to remain unseen. 

It is with this process I offer where we create the opportunity and conditions to make it feel safe; safe even to feel unsafe in respectful collaboration.

I offer 1:1 sessions to cultivate new habits of self-awareness, spaciousness, perceptual wisdom, seeing what’s authentic. A state in which we are open-hearted and well-intentioned.  It is pleasant, healthy, rewarding in and of itself. 

In its purest form, we’ll find ourselves being spiritually nourished and more sensitive to subtle energies and experiences. When someone offers pleasure in being with you , the other – perhaps without even realizing it - feels safer, witnessed, appreciated, and even understood. When that’s in place, those who are capable of and willing to self-study are then blessed to open up to more of the available ways of being nourished by Life

This is true in any kind of relationship. It is especially true when one person has the intention to be helpful to the other, whether this helping role is personal or professional.  These sessions are part energy work, part nervous system repair and part storytelling !

… beginning with you casting the spell!


Hi everyone! I started this journey at the first soul sisters retreat two years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect and my comfort zone was in helping in the kitchen. I’ve grown in ways I never imagined and gained confidence in my value as a helping person. In my other life, I’m a mother, wife, and speech-language pathologist. At home, I love to cook vegetarian and vegan meals, explore outside, and learn about the plants in the boreal forest that surrounds us. I’m learning and trying new things every year with the plants that grow all around. I look forward to cooking and feeding you delicious food that nourishes your body and soul. I will include whatever ingredients I can from the forest and I’m happy to share what I know. 

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