Curious Hearts

What happens we when we relax after a period of self reflection...........pure magic.

Sunday night and Monday are the time to relax into your new inner landscape.


There is no need to go home just yet. You have spent 2 days getting more attuned to yourself, nature, a community of supportive woman and the magic that you inherently have inside. 

Last year a few people stayed Sunday night to witness the full moon and it was pure spontaneous magic. This year we are opening that offering up a little more formally since it is a long weekend.

No expectations on Sunday night, we are leaving this evening wide open for the light we have been cultivating to guide us. Last year we skinny dipped, bon fired, soaked our feet, feasted on left overs....and contraband wine people had.


This nights stay includes, Sunday night at camp whitney, Sunday night supper, Monday morning breakfast, inner landscapes workshop with Katie k, and a Leftover Lunch.

Stay for one extra night on Sunday, June 30 until Monday, July 1 afternoon. 

What you need?

A sense of adventure and to RSVP to


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